Let me introduce myself. My name is Anky Rovers and I live together with my husband and our two adult children in the south of the Netherlands, a small village between Roosendaal and Breda. We always have had cats but our breeding activities  began in 1985 with Birmans. Our first Maine Coon came into our lifes in 2002. We were at once pleasantly surprised by the character and beauty of this breed.

At the moment we have a stud male, two neutered females, two breeding ladies and one "Young Star" . The adult females may have a litter once a year. We are aiming to breed healthy and firm Maine Coons, with a wonderfull character. De kittens will grow up in the house and with the help of the entire familie. For more information please check under "kittens"or "plans" Our cats are free to move within the downstairs part of the house and into the cat run. Sometimes they may go into the semi-protected garden, but only under supervision of one of us. They like this very much and it often results  in great pictures!