Our Queens may have a litter once a year. The kitten are born in the livingroom or in a seperate room and stay there save end warm for 3 weeks. After that they move to a big cage , the mother can move in and out, but the kitten can saveley discover the world. When they are 4 weeks ols, they may leave the cage once and a while under supervision. About that time they may have visitors from outside our familie. It all depends of how the mother is reacting on strangers and on taking de babies out, which happens every day for cuttling and controlling their weight. After that the times out of the cage is becoming more and more. They learn to know what is allowed and what is not! And they learn to respect the other adult cats. Whe take our time to socialize them, because we find that very important. Of course they will have there vaccination and worm treatment on time and they will be examined by our vet twice. After 13 weeks, or more when necessary they will leave our cattery as self confident little cats.