tara16-weken[1]Tara7jr en 8mnd

14 weken                                                                         8 jaar

Tara is a blue-tortie blotched and white female with a great personality. She is born on the 9th of februari 2002. She likes us to pay attention to her, but she isn’t really a lap-cat. Tara is a slender, lively and alert cat, she likes to be outside in the cat-run, day and evenings. There she is chasing flies and moths and incidentally a mouse. Which she proudly brings in. The moment we saw her, we fell for her great appearance, and we still do! Tara has been neutered at the beginning of 2008 after a severe uterus inflamation. We hope she will enjoy here live as grandmom of here daughters kittens. She has become more relaxed now, and has gained some weight too. But she still is, and will always be, our pride and joy.